Enhanced Recovery

Welcome to Enhanced Recovery

What are the benefits of Enhanced Recovery?

Enhanced Recovery can help you feel better and recover sooner. If you’ve had surgery before, you may notice these improvements in your care:

  • You don’t have to fast before surgery. You will be asked to drink a carbohydrate drink (such as Gatorade) before your surgery. This gives you energy and can help you heal.
  • You will be nourished and not hungry. You can eat up to 8 hours, and drink clear liquids up to 2 hours, before your scheduled arrival time.
  • You get to get out of bed and move soon after surgery. This can help prevent blood clots and pneumonia, and should help you feel better.
  • You will be safe and comfortable. We use a combination of non-opioid medications and other treatments to effectively manage pain and reduce opioid-related side effects, including confusion, constipation, nausea, and excessive sleepiness. Opioids are used only for severe pain.
  • You will heal well. After you arrive for surgery, we’ll warm your body with a warming blanket and a nurse will clean your skin. This helps prevent infection.