Enhanced Recovery

Learn About Enhanced Recovery

What is Enhanced Recovery?

Enhanced Recovery is a new approach to care. It includes specific steps for eating, moving, and managing pain before and after surgery. Studies show that Enhanced Recovery care helps patients feel better and recover more quickly.

Why is Enhanced Recovery good for you?

  • Drinking a carbohydrate drink before surgery means you’ll be less hungry and have more energy for surgery.
  • Controlling pain with fewer opioids (such as morphine or hydrocodone) can help you feel more comfortable, less nauseated and constipated, and well enough to begin eating and moving.
  • Eating and drinking soon after surgery can give you energy to heal.
  • Moving can help prevent blood clots and pneumonia.

Be your healthiest before surgery

  • Quit tobacco. It’s one of the best things you can do now for a healthy recovery. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and vaping make it harder for the body to heal and increase your risk of complications. The sooner you quit, the greater the benefit. Resources to help you quit.
  • Walk or stay active, as instructed by your surgeon. Moving helps prepare your body for surgery and recovery.